Other Buses for Toon School Bus

Texturing is a way to add details using Normal, Bump or displacement. No modeling, and it looks perfect.

But Texturing is also a way to opacify some modeled parts.

Using both techniques, it is possible to change a primary design and make another one.


To explain a little bit more, just look at the pictures below. These are Iray rendering. The original Toon School Bus is modified to give the special Bus at the right.


Take a minute and try to check what has disappeared in this picture : 


  • the upper big lights near the roof and the little ones just above
  • the big bars
  • the two rectangular coffers
  • the window bars
  • and other pieces that you can not see from that angle.


And now, what details is new?


  • the modern coffer door near the rear wheel
  • the plate
  • a special indicator above
  • and more that you can not see from thet angle


This is magic, the model doesn't change but well the texture.


And what about another toon Bus? Just check below one of the Iray Texture I'm working on :