Iray Texture add full of details

The technique used is the height/normal/Opacity layers for the different parts of the boat. So simple when you want to mask a part of the design or add some "unmodeled" geometries to the mesh.

For instance, for the "Princess Coralie", I clean the cranes and its accessories to get a new shape of the boat.


Adding details is a long texture process depending what is the detail you want to add. For exemple the radar part :

On the original, the mesh is clen, nothing more than a box on a little mast. The two lights are without grid and the stand is flat. ust look the result after texturing: the lights have grids, the radar is huge of new details, the little mast has nails and the plate has some more lines. It is the same for some other little parts of the boat. I take them one by one and add, at my point of vue, the details missing

Another exemple is the wall of the boat. I wanted to put some nails and structure on them. In this picture, I also add a light in the stairs, a technical access and a vent. The light has also a grid and a reflector inside. The lights have light controls as shown.

Another interresting part of the boat is the upper deck. The funnel is some kind of great surface on the original. I put grids with holes and a lot of other details to get it more real.

Another picture of the upper deck. On this texture, I put wood balustrades and I change the wall too. The supplemental lights near the door works with a separate light control.

I don't forget the cranks and all the stuff around. Find here a set of pictures showing the difference between the original textures and the new ones.

This little boat is now ready for a second life. I hope the most of you will enjoy the use of it.