Traje de Luces for Genesis

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Coming from Spain, this Matador's Outfit is something great.

Created for 3DU's Jason for Genesis, it includes a single mesh cloth, a hat and a muleta.

Of course it has custom dsf morphs to support the following Genesis Shapes:

Basic Male/Female, 3DU-Toon Amy, 3DU-Jasmin, Hitomi, Victoria5, Aiko4, The Girl 4, Hiro4, Michael5 and Freak4.

The hat was created to be used with 3DU-Prince hair but can be change to fit others.

It is also possible, thanks to the transparency, to use part of the design to get the jacket, the pants or the shoes stand alone. The muleta is a prop but can be deformed in some ways.

This item is available at DAZ SHOP Here

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